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Included in all packages are the following features:

Curb Appeal
Having designed countless websites for businesses, we understand the graphical punch needed to stand out in the crowd. We utilize pictures, flash animations, and professional typography to create a look that is unique to your style and needs.

When looking at as a solution, remember YOU will be able to update the items on your site.Many other companies will charge you an hourly fee for things as simple as adding a news article or changing text. With our solution you will be able to update the site on your own! This means not only will you save money, but you will be able to get that news article up about your latest triumph Administration Pageswithout waiting on our staff to post the article.

Ease of Navigation
One of our larger sites,, has over 50,000 pages. All of those pages can be a real challenge to manage and navigate. From our experience with such large sites, we can easily set up your site so that your fans and potential sponsors can find their way around your site.

Search Engine Optimization Tools
We give you tools to help you in your quest for the top. You can edit the keywords, description and title for each page or section of your website. Your placement within search engine results will depend on having relevant meta tag information for the content on individual pages. Each new page is another opportunity to be found in an index. Keep adding content, and keep getting indexed. We can help you with additional common sense tips to maximize your SEO potential.

Email Access
Five email accounts come with every package. You can access these accounts through traditional routes such as Outlook or you can access these via the web.

Website Traffic Reporting
If you don't know how people are currently finding your site, how can you be sure to know where to market your site Email Screensnext? Our website traffic reporting allows you to find out how people are finding your site, how many people are coming to it every day, the number of pages they are looking at, and much more.

Daily Backups of Data
Every day backups will be performed on your data to ensure that you won't lose any valuable website information in the event of an equipment failure.
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